Words Can

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(bex): WORDS CAN
Words can
They really can
Just like for this one young man
Wobbling on his feet
Dropping to his knees
Raising his hand
Yes, me, yes! I can do it too
After all these weeks I've been watching you
Take the lid off the tin
Like Pandora
I am willing to let you people in
For a moment
I'll tell you of the torment
Of the years on the gin
See, I can still manage a grin, smile with me
My words a reminder
You're just like me
They bring us together
Set us free
As I risk everything
Let the bad and good fly about
Sort itself out
You'll understand, these old words, made new
At last you'll see
And the barriers we have built vanish
For two minutes 53

Words drown me
Words dream my days away
I place my hands in words,
blinded, following,
until I soak in the eye of the fallen sun
until the leaves fall, the snow melt, and the wind blows
until they slip away from the tip of my tongue
and dissolve in the heat of my breathe
there, until they mean nothing at all

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