The Mirror You Are

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The mirror you are
Tells me too often
I am not beautiful

In the warm room you were once, the sun no longer shines
Icicles drip from your frozen fingers
The pipes are cracked
Nothing has flown here for some time

You say, the scissors I am, mean to cut into pieces
Every olive leaf you push my way
Indeed with each day, I dream of the incisions
I would make on your person
It's not only your efforts I'd shit upon

Frozen mirror, one step nearer, I will destroy your grin
Unable to love and hurt again
Piercing your obstinacy with my sharpened gleam

The pile of rubble you will become, can no longer taunt me
No longer compare me to what I am not
Proud of my sharp words, I'll scissor through the lot
Your thoughts on beauty will - like you - rot

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