The Darkness of Love

We are going to be doing some work on POV and plot this week (6/2/09), using the following story beginning as a spring board…

When Handle woke at ten in the morning, he got up and walked to the far window. Hungover, he half expected the sound of traffic or the fading drone of an airliner as he lifted the window. He had lived in the city for so long that even after two weeks in Tennessee, he found the quiet of the green countryside severe and foreign. Tress just appeared outside his window, new, each morning. He had come to escape the city, but his dreams returned him each night to New York, sometimes in a patrol car, but most often on his feet, in an alley, running after a bone-skinny black boy who would suddenly turn, knife in his hand, and Handle would wake, startled that the boy’s face was his, a younger face, but essentially his.

After we have finished playing around with it, I thought you might be interested to read the original story, so if you click here you can read it online. Please don't do that until after we meet on Friday 6th February though!

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