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Andra.pdf London, 24th of October 2009 (Rolling Stone Magazine):
On Saturday evening, the 24th of October 2009 the new Cabaret Club "Get Grungy" in London celebrated its opening with a Pre-Launch-Party. Rolling Stone was exclusively there and talked to the 39 year old founder and club owner Gary Garrison. His initials "GG" inspired the former bartender to name his first club "Get Grungy". "Cabaret Clubs are nothing new", explains Gary Garrison, "but combining the theatrical and burlesque shows with an exciting and funky after-show party where the people can dance until they drop, certainly is!", tells us Gary Garrison proudly. A special guest was Dita von Teese, the Queen of the Burlesque who took over the club with her sensual show. Rolling Stone is looking forward to more exclusive stars and action in the "Get Grungy" Club. Abdulaziz.pdfGerrit.pdfbex.pdf

(muyi) - i'm gonna upload the picture later…it's the one with the wolf

There's a sound in the dark that disturbs me, I can't seem to get away from it no matter how far and how fast I run, in the woods, it's always there, somewhere, it kept me awake, every night, I run, and I run, away from it, escape, run, it kept me worried, it's there, I can't see it but I can smell the sound in the cold evening air, in the woods, it's haunting me, it's asking for me, it's calling for me, there, wait, I have to find it, I have to see and smell whatever it is, wherever it is, beyond those stones, I have to find it. I have to catch it. I have to know. And I have to Kill it.

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