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desert town
Oasova (bex), Salty Crack (Daniel)

race horse
Pria-Bale (bex), Lightning Ed (Daniel)

literary magazine
The Monocle (bex), The Word (Daniel), Fusion (muyi)

new disease
Canine Flu (bex), TFDD [The F***ing Deadly Desease] (Daniel), T68 (muyi)

football team
The European Wanderers (bex), The Running Brothers (Daniel)

Sugar and Spice (bex), The Chubby Buddha (Daniel)

rock band
The Crushed Souls (Daniel) Chainsaw Gutfuck (gggggg)

new religion
Cloningalism (bex), Dönerism (Daniel)

summer cottage
Snow Drift (bex), The Blue Lagoon (muyi)

new planet
Crunchie (bex), Vesper (muyi)

Hip, hip, hurray (bex)

Liquid Sunset (Daniel)

beauty salon
Changing Faces (bex)
Wish (bex)

new diet
No Food Diet (Daniel)

soap opera
Dahlem Dorf (!bex)

polluted river
Grubby Gorge (bex), Deadly Drink (Daniel)
The Stank (bex)

poetry collection
Abroad thoughts from home (bex)

Goliath (Daniel), Cookie (muyi)

Nick Casey (bex), Long Finger Lui (Daniel)

The Mouldy Barrel (bex), The Happy Sailor (Daniel)

lipstick colour
Blood 'n' Guts (bex), Sandwashed Pink (muyi - it's a Bobbi Brown lipstick color that I use, just love the name ;-)

Decadent Dingy (bex), The Golden Cruiser (Daniel)

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