Loft Party

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Not bad, not bad, I have to admit whilst I go through the interior of the loft and scan it. But of course when I´m done with my studies I am going to own an even bigger loft with more white sofas, huge wide windows and an electric chimney in Wilmersdorf or in Mitte. But when it comes to the people of this party I have to say that most of them are freaks. This guy with the greasy dreadlocks must be a literature student - I mean what do these people do alll day besides reading weird books? Compared to my studies theirs is just peanuts! And while I´m going to be succesful one day - how are they going to earn a living? Thank God some of my student friends are here as well and the good music (house - what else?) is making up for these other strange people. But on the other hand - since Germany won the World Cup tonight every one is anyway drunk or on their way to get wasted so for once they´re almost on the same level as my student friends and me. Actually if I think about it again - no they´ll never be since we´re way cooler with our Cocaine and fashion drugs. Well, for one evening it doesn´t matter; Germany won and that´s all that matters for tonight!

Normally I wouldn't attend such simple occasion, yet I found it ver interesting to dive into the world of the simple mind.

There for example, these two people pretending to be sooo confident and involved in this group, yet they are showingall signs of fear and insecurity. Him crossed his arms infront of him and over and over again correcting his tie, she constantly checking her make up in her hand mirror and throwing the brightest yet totally fake smile at simply anyone looking in her direction for a split second… pathetic!

Well, well, not a single person around here to have a deeper, more analytically sophisticated conversation with. I think I am going home not to read some more of Freud's primitive theories to have a good laugh or two.

The End

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