Handle 1st Person Homework

Please post your first-person transformations of today´s story beginning (from The Darkness of Love) here:

That morning, I had the pleasure of waking to an increasingly uncomfortable heat pushing its way into the room. Closing the blinds last night before stumbling into bed had been the last thing on my mind. The culprit: a slight over-indulgence in a quality scotch which was also responsible for my emerging headache. I had left the city to escape, hoping to find an equal level of daily noise and dissonance to distract me. Yet as I stared at the window, the only sound that greeted me was the steady in and out of my own breathing. And his face was still there. His black face, plastered with that defiant but frightened look of youth. And his face was mine. — Louisa ^^

Hey Louisa thanks a lot and congratulations for being the first person to post your work on here! Hopefully you will start the ball rolling…. and you deserve a prize of some sort - I will have a think…
It is amazing to see how different Handle´s voice is, in each of our attempts. I like your version, of Handle the intellectual!

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