Haikus And Tankas

E.g. Haiku (5/7/5)
What a crazy time
I haven't had time to stop
Weekend here at last

E.g. Tanka (5/7/5/7/7)
What a crazy time
I haven't had time to stop
My mum would tell me:
You burn the candle both ends!
STOP, before you drop down dead

Sunshine and rain storms
I don't know what I should wear
If I expect sun
I'll be washed all down the street
It's like being back in UK

Nina wrote a drabble based on Becky's tanker:
The rain is pouring down the misty sky, as John walks out of his door. He has chosen a perfect day to do what he is about to do. The sunshine of the morning has now faded away, and dark clouds have overcast the sky. John is picking up his pace. He has to be quick: in 30 minutes the rain will stop again to make way for sunshine, and it is necessary that no-one is out and about the street to witness what he is about to do. He is almost there. He takes out his gun. Pang pang.

Nina (tanker, although I did it wrong! I wrote words instead of syllables):
my second to last week
it always gets good at the end
I hope to come back
need to fill out these important forms
there is no time to say goodbye

The sun is out now
I think I'll run for the bus
All is wet and lush

becky wrote a drabble based on this:
Celina sat by the window watching the rain clean the streets, and her mum's noisy alarm clock stretch the precious remaining seconds. Soon it would be too late. She would have to go.
Reluctantly, she bent over to reach for her bag. Then she was in a dairy commercial, the room at once warm and aglow, like a buttercup shining under her life. Celina narrowed her sleepy eyes at the sun outside. It licked the tips of the neighbours' freshly cut grass, leaving it moist and welcoming. It was time to peg it, before the skies opened themselves up again.

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