Group Obituaries

Ferdinand died while trying to climb the Great Wall in China. Since he had spent five years in China he was very familiar with this country or at least that is what he must have been thinking until he made the fatal mistake to climb the Great Wall. He was a very tall man who would havew gone bald soon and because of his physical aspects he must have thought that he could overcome this challenge. His shocked girlfriend reported that he wanted to visit her on the other side of the wall and that is way he planned his action by night so no one would catch him. Because there was nearly no light, he tripped when he was on top of the wall and fell on his head and instantly died infront of his girlfriend. Doctors who have analyzed his brain for damages state that he was schizophrenic and that was probably the ´real´ reason why he tried to climb the wall. Hints to a possible schizophrenic disease could be found in his introverted, but as well extroverted personality which made him very special to his family and friends who will never forget him.

Daniel about Becky-
physical: joined together toes (webbed feet)
historical: lived in Brazil
personal: addicted to sun-dried tomatoes

Becky was born in Claifornia in the mid 80's and hugely influenced by the hippies she grew up with. With peace march music from 'The Mamas & The Papas' in her head shedecided to organize a peace march from California to Brazil to set an example for a border free Americas.

Most members for this march she recruited from her Anonymous Sun Dried Tomatoe Addict Group (ASTDAG). Shes a member since her 5th Birthday.

Once arrived in Brazil, she decided to live there, forever!

She became world famous by conticipating in a commercial for Kellog's Cereals in which she had to walk over the beach. Her grown together toes were seen in a close up, this led to a broadly discussed theory that she might be related to mermaids.

The resulting fame led to her playing the main character as Ariel the Mermaid in the Hollywood production.

The End

muyi writing about Abdulaziz
keywords: Hemingway, Europe….(and the other one is probably 'village' but I'm not sure anymore…)

Abdulaziz spent the first half of his life in the village where his parents, grandparents, great grandparents lived, contemplating most of his time on Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. The villagers often found him sitting by the seashore staring afar at the horizon. There were talks about his bewilderment, myths about his lost family. There were aloofness in his eyes that no one could explain. He lived the same life for the first half of his life until one day he stood up and yelled, "EUROPE"!

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