Following Raymond Queneau

Raymond Queneau (taken from a handout provided by Phil Terry):
I am having serious difficulties with the formatting here (after spending ages trying to insert the handout!) so please see in edit mode for proper structure!
Slow awakenings Flat arousings Premature wakefulness
Permitted nights
Exhausting sleepiness Latent snoozes Murmured siestas
Indecisive days
Drowsy jobs Halting action Perished past
Grey habits

At the torrent's edge
the path zigzags
where is the happiness
of clear air
of the day blue
with the sun of yesteryear
where is the happiness

Exhausting sleepiness Slow awakenings Passive days
Flickering memories


Talking neighbour Heavy door Long Journey
Red bike

Green ipod Windy hair Sweaty hands
Red face

Hooting horn Heavy swallow Catchy song
Red light

All the air
out of my lungs
Sting is singing
about a whore
I need some water
my mouth is dry
Alas, green light

Warmed-up muscles Sticky bra Last Day
You don't have to put on the red light

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