Can you describe 'fear' without using the word itself, or any associated words like 'scared' or 'frightened'? Post your ideas below…


When a stomach of wadded vacuum drains the face of its blood,
and the retreating red takes the warmth with it,
as it does from hands that register a hectic pulse,
leaving only discomforting, slightly cool perspiration in its stead,
while an instantaneous heat rushes through the entire system,
sinking down and again,
and now with more gravity,
and again,
and out,
it's sanguine desertion of the self,
which translates as corporeal sub-pressure,
leaving destitute the heart,
and the joints bending,
under now even more gravity,
and again,
and on,
in no directed movement,
but these jittery shakes,
that multiply the embarrassment
of having again – against oneself – forsaken one’s body,
when what it needed most,
was the backing of a strong character,
not the vain attempt to internally retreat before what was only beckoning,
and what might have beckoned a little less manifest but for this reaction,
which has now rendered it immanent
before it actually kicked off.
Worse still:
This might just perpetuate itself.


The bath.
The knife.
The skin.
There is no one.
It is four o’clock in the morning.
There is no way back.
Alone forever.
The blood.
Make it stop.

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