Chinese Flute Music Imagery


fishing in a pond
misty mountain
glazy eyes
white mountain top
green leaves waving
yellow stars glistering
the fish and me
them gasping for water
me gasping for air
the cold drops on my skin
wind rustling the leaves
cold stones at my feet
dark yet light
I take a deep breath
let the water touch my hair
the aquarium
fish gazing at me
me wearing silk
wrists moving
twisting my head
a blonde child
copying dark haired friends
clean tiles
bare feet
the white moon laughing at us from behind a cloud
pitch dark night
beautiful waitressess
touching my hair
squeezing my cheek
the live band smiling
the fish look scared
they should be
heads being chopped off
blood splashing in the kitchen
fish soup
I am still dancing
Vietnamese style
the cold night breeze on my white skin

drops of fresh water / or tears from a nostalgic lie
on petals of dew ridden colours / the sometimes dried, crumbling surface of painted canvas
straight from the realm of ideas / still as fresh as avant-la-lettre
beyond / reach / out / you

little fish / like light, bright, tumbling pings
descending the steps of a miniature, water-falling arrangement / right off the music sheet
in a neatly kept pond / in a well-groomed listener
in the neatly kept garden / of a well-mannered conversation

with cute little names / in another language
both petals and fish / both paint and sound
not their perception / but an impenetrable texture
of domesticated selves / for others

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