Hi. I thought I´d better start the ball rolling… it would be great if you could all set up a page about yourself, with however much or as little as you like on there….

Here are my details, please for you lot only!

I love the sea, and hope maybe one day to get to swim with fish like this…


And I warn you, I like pictures a bit too much!

email: moc.liamg|egdirbdudykceb#moc.liamg|egdirbdudykceb

blogspot (which I have really just used in the past as somewhere to dump my work):
You can click here if you would like to have a look at it now.

Also there is a link from there to the stories I wrote for my dissertation: Again, click here if you want to have a look, then you can access the various bits of the narrative by clicking on the character´s names. My plan was to turn it into a digital narrative, but (like everything else) it´s one of those things that just got 'put on hold'….

At the moment I´m working on a story/book called Crunch. Tell you more about this in due course….

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